About Us

We are the Professionals in Pearls, Jessica and Lauren.

Jessica & Lauren

We met many years ago after our parents registered us for youth league cheerleading. Go Vikings! We quickly became inseparable attending middle and high school together. Although we spent four years apart while attending University, when Jessica moved back to Tampa we picked up right where we left off…laughing uncontrollably as usual. We are Disney enthusiasts and can be found at the mouse house often.

Besides blogging, spending weekends, vacations, and Disney trips together we also spend 40 hours together at work.

(No, we don’t get sick of each other—we know you were thinking it!)

Our mission is to provide other young professionals with the tools and information needed to be successful. When finishing college we were ready to take on the world!

Except rent, bills, taxes, interviews, insurance…you catch our drift.

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