Progress Report: Our First Month & First Year!

Progress Report Our First Month & First Year

We purchased the domain, set up the website, and didn’t post anything a year.

Jessica and I have been brainstorming business ideas since we were in high school. We had the idea for a website with advice for figuring out ‘life after college’ in early 2014. We heard such positive feedback from family and friends about our idea that we immediately purchased the domain for Maybe we jumped the gun, but we were pumped to get started with our passion project. That was in March 2014.

It’s hard to believe we waited so long to start publishing posts, but life happened. Jessica got engaged and finished her MBA while I started graduate school and moved across town with my boyfriend.  I’m not apologizing, we were both excited to have these happy things happening in our lives and we knew the time would come when Professionals in Pearls would be our priority!

After making endless changes on the website, we decided it was time to finally rip off the Band-Aid and get started. I’m truly glad we did! Although this website takes an enormous amount of time to manage, I feel like we are working towards something much bigger. Our first post was published on July 16th, 2015 about our favorite office supplies, and now we are ready to share our first month’s worth of traffic (and our first year’s too)!


What I have learned

Managing this website is a lot of work and has been quite a learning process! I never truly understood how much time goes into writing and keeping up with a blog; it is still hard to believe how much effort it involves to keep it going. Jessica and I both work full time 9-6 jobs, leaving a couple hours after work for writing posts, editing photos, sharing on social media and generally managing the website. Here are a few lessons I’ve learns along the way.

Don’t wait to sign up for Google Analytics

Seriously, I waited way too long to sign our site up for this and missed the opportunity to get data from some of our highest viewed days from initially launching. The data provided by Google analytics is more in-depth than my current plug-in monitoring stats since it includes the total number of users viewing the pages instead of only the number of pageviews.

Schedule posts ahead of time and on social media

Since Jessica and I both work during the day, utilizing the built-in scheduling tools on posts have become our saving grace. They allow Jessica and I to set up a post to be published at a later time, so while we are at work the website it still pumping along doing its thing!

Use plugins on your website for for social media

One of the things we struggle with the most is getting our posts to the public since we usually schedule posts to publish while we are at work. The plug-in Jetpack is practically on steroids with 36 total features, but my favorite is Publicize which automatically shares newly published posts on your linked social media sites.

YouTube tutorials will be your best friend in the beginning

I can’t tell you how many online videos I watched about navigating a website dashboard, configuring emails, and just basics about setting up a new website. If I ever got stuck, I would run a quick search on Google and find a video to help walk me through the issue.

Friends and family are a resource, ask them to share your website

Our friends and family have been the most supportive and outspoken of our followers. I get so excited every time we see them share one of our posts! We are so thankful for all of our readers!

Our progress

First Year: March 2014 – August 13, 2015

2015 Progress

Total page views: 1,727

First Month Publishing: July 16, 2015 – August 13, 2015

Month's report

Total page views: 1,555


This month’s Goals

  • Increase Facebook followers to 200
  • Increase Pinterest followers to 100
  • Gain 20 email subscribers
  • Have downloadable incentive for email subscribers (coming soon!)

At Professionals in Pearls we want to create a fun, educational, online office with resources for job searching, interview planning, and insurance information you’ll need to know as an adult. This is just the beginning! Stay with us while we grow this website into a tool that can be used to learn about life after college. Sometimes I might throw in a funny post to help get you through a Monday, but  Jessica and I will mostly be posting useful tips you’ll need while growing up.

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Insurance Info: Flood Damage

Insurance Info: Flood Damage

Background credit: WFLA News Channel 8


Flood vs. car vs. homeowners insurance

Our hometown of Tampa is currently receiving massive amounts of rain that is causing flooding and road closures in the area. I thought this would be a perfect time to share some insurance info about flood waters. Do you know the difference between car, flood and homeowners insurance? The reality is most people don’t!

Flood insurance is different from homeowners insurance and is used when damage is caused by a temporary rise in water. Your car is a different story though. If you sink your car into a 10ft deep puddle, it should be covered under a comprehensive auto insurance plan. The contents inside your car, like your laptop, would usually be covered by homeowners insurance. Damage caused by flooding is typically excluded from homeowners insurance though. I know… insurance is really complicated.

Don’t worry, Jessica and I both work in the insurance industry and can help explain!

TIP! If you car gets stuck in high water, call a tow truck to get your car to a safe  spot and contact professionals to dry your car out as soon as possible.

You can purchase flood insurance for your home, condo, or apartment from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). If you are in a high risk flood zone (anything beginning with A or V) your mortgage company will likely require you to provide proof of flood insurance. If your property is located in a low risk flood zone it may not be required, but for a low cost you can insure your home from the risk of flood damage. Some private insurance companies in Florida offer flood insurance options as an alternative to the standard NFIP flood policy.  If your property gets damaged during a flood, call your insurance agent first to go over what coverage you have prior to calling your insurance company. 

Free sandbags are available to help keep water from entering your home.

Areas to avoid around Tampa

This weekend Tampa had a record breaking amount of rainfall. The Gandy Bridge and other major roads around Tampa had to be shut down and city officials were handing out sand bags. The pictures coming out of the South Tampa area are frightening, especially if you got caught driving in this area. Pasco County declared a state of emergency and I’m currently in an area under flood watch until Monday afternoon!

Tip! Google Maps shows official road closures, but to avoid getting your car stuck like those below stay indoors during major storms and do not try driving through areas where you don’t know how deep the water is!

Call the police. Oh wait… #TampaFlood #southtampa #TheGreatTampaFloodof15

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Basically just avoid the South Tampa area until the rain clears.

Especially stay away from Bayshore Boulevard since it has been reclaimed by the Gulf.

Not sure how I’m getting home since the roads surrounding me got closed down!

We hope all of our Tampa neighbors are able to stay safe! For those visiting us from other places, be sure to call your insurance agent today to verify you are protected properly and fully understand your insurance! Those insurance companies can make it tricky!

Do you have any photos from the Tampa flood you’d like to share?



Monday's Best memes

Monday’s Best Memes

Happy Monday Internet!

I know what you’re thinking, another weekend has gone and passed already…

To avoid those Monday blues, I’ve put together a few of my favorite funny memes about going to work on Monday for the enjoyment of you and all your friends at work!

So sit back, relax, and avoid doing your work for just a little bit longer.


How we all feel on Sunday night…

Goodbye Weekend

Weekend please don't leave me


And when we wake up…



On our way to work… 

Prepare to be annoyed

Forget it in the fridge

When we finally get to work…

Every Monday

Look at all this work I haven't done yet


I'm still here


When you can’t get anything done…

Not today


Don't even care


Walk out of work