Awesome & Appropriate Cubicle Décor

Awesome Cubicle Decor

Working in a cubicle can be depressing, boring, plain, stale, ugly (shall we continue)… but it doesn’t have to be!

At one point in your professional career you are going to be given a workspace of your own. If you are lucky, you will have a nice office with real privacy and four walls; however, the majority of us will be given a small cubicle open for the world to see. Even though cubicles can be drab, there is plenty of potential for a personal, clean and colorful space!

Use your wall space

Decorating your cubicle can be easy and enjoyable, but adding color is a must to make it feel like home! Make sure you utilize the vertical space provided by the walls of your cubicle. These walls are prime locations for colorful art work, cards from co-workers, or other hanging decorations!

Jessica's Cubicle

Jessica uses her cubicle walls to display cards.

These tassels are so fun and colorful, found at The Everygirl.

Cubicle with frames and banners.

We love this yellow theme and pennant banners from The Office Stylist.

Cubicle with quotes and art

Try printing out inspirational quotes for your walls like this desk from The Everygirl.

Accessorize your desk!

Adding appropriate (alcohol free, fully clothed, no hot-mess-express) photographs, cute coffee mugs, and decorative flowers to your cubicle are all wonderful ways to create a more positive work environment.

TIP! If you want to quickly become the most popular person in your office just set up a small candy dish in an accessible area by your desk. This sweet treat will allow you to meet new co-workers and share a quick chat while they pass by.

Lauren's Cubicle

Lauren’s desk always has flowers and lots of pens!

Jessicas desktop

Jessica brings little touches to make work more like home.

Gold and pink accessories.

These all gold accessories are fun and classy, from Best Friends for Frosting.

Desk accesories

Find a balance between organized and cute like this workspace from The Everygirl.

How do you make your workspace your own?