Insurance Info: Flood Damage

Insurance Info: Flood Damage

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Flood vs. car vs. homeowners insurance

Our hometown of Tampa is currently receiving massive amounts of rain that is causing flooding and road closures in the area. I thought this would be a perfect time to share some insurance info about flood waters. Do you know the difference between car, flood and homeowners insurance? The reality is most people don’t!

Flood insurance is different from homeowners insurance and is used when damage is caused by a temporary rise in water. Your car is a different story though. If you sink your car into a 10ft deep puddle, it should be covered under a comprehensive auto insurance plan. The contents inside your car, like your laptop, would usually be covered by homeowners insurance. Damage caused by flooding is typically excluded from homeowners insurance though. I know… insurance is really complicated.

Don’t worry, Jessica and I both work in the insurance industry and can help explain!

TIP! If you car gets stuck in high water, call a tow truck to get your car to a safe  spot and contact professionals to dry your car out as soon as possible.

You can purchase flood insurance for your home, condo, or apartment from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). If you are in a high risk flood zone (anything beginning with A or V) your mortgage company will likely require you to provide proof of flood insurance. If your property is located in a low risk flood zone it may not be required, but for a low cost you can insure your home from the risk of flood damage. Some private insurance companies in Florida offer flood insurance options as an alternative to the standard NFIP flood policy.  If your property gets damaged during a flood, call your insurance agent first to go over what coverage you have prior to calling your insurance company. 

Free sandbags are available to help keep water from entering your home.

Areas to avoid around Tampa

This weekend Tampa had a record breaking amount of rainfall. The Gandy Bridge and other major roads around Tampa had to be shut down and city officials were handing out sand bags. The pictures coming out of the South Tampa area are frightening, especially if you got caught driving in this area. Pasco County declared a state of emergency and I’m currently in an area under flood watch until Monday afternoon!

Tip! Google Maps shows official road closures, but to avoid getting your car stuck like those below stay indoors during major storms and do not try driving through areas where you don’t know how deep the water is!

Call the police. Oh wait… #TampaFlood #southtampa #TheGreatTampaFloodof15

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Basically just avoid the South Tampa area until the rain clears.

Especially stay away from Bayshore Boulevard since it has been reclaimed by the Gulf.

Not sure how I’m getting home since the roads surrounding me got closed down!

We hope all of our Tampa neighbors are able to stay safe! For those visiting us from other places, be sure to call your insurance agent today to verify you are protected properly and fully understand your insurance! Those insurance companies can make it tricky!

Do you have any photos from the Tampa flood you’d like to share?